We use different kinds of pure wool and also blends of wool in our products, depending on what kind of garment it is and how it should function.

We work with wool because it is an Eco-friendly material. Wool comes from the replenishing fleece of sheep, making it a natural, renewable resource.

Wool products can last for 20 years and more. While wool may cost more than a synthetic fabric initially, in the long run wool offers the lowest cost and best comfort.



This wool has numerous natural attributes that make it one of the most comfortable fabrics to wear.

Merino also has the ability to respond to changes in, and help regulate body temperature – keeping you warm when it’s cold and absorbing moisture and releasing it into the air so it will help cool you down.

Winter or summer, Merino keeps you feeling great.



We love to use Yak wool because over 90% of the world's yak population of nearly 15 million lives on the Tibetan Plateau in the Himalayas.

The Yak has a great importance to the people of Nepal and neighbour countries as Tibet and Mongolia.

Almost everything from the yak is used to sustain the life of the herdsmen and their families and is used either directly or sold to provide an income.

These days yak wool is referred to as the “New Cashmere”, but this wool is considered more durable than cashmere and warmer than merino wool.

Yak wool is frequently combined with other wools and yarns to create a variety of new, durable, soft and exceptionally warm materials. Merino and bamboo are two of these materials. 




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A/BARENESS is a Slow Fashion brand based in Nepal & Norway. We make wearable, timeless and seasonless clothes & accessories and focus on ethical & sustainable production. 1% from each product we sell, goes to our Give Back project, where we provide clean drinking water for children at schools in Nepal.

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