A/BARENESS jewellery is mainly made of brass, but also silver, copper, and white metal.

In all our earrings the lock and rod that goes through the ear are made in pure silver considering people who are allergic to nickel.


♥ Brass is an yellow alloy (mix) of copper and zinc.

♥ Brass has been manufactured for thousand of years in many parts of the world.

♥ Brass is often used for decorations due to it’s bright gold-like appearance.


♥ Copper is a reddish brown metal.

♥ It is a non-ferrous mineral related to silver & gold

♥ Copper has been used for a thousand of years by different cultures.


♥ White metal is a broad term used to describe any type of metals that are alloys of lighter metals.

♥ White metal usually consist mainly of tin.

♥ White metal is often used in jewellery production as an alternativ to white gold.


♥ Silver is a precious metal like gold and to make it durable for jewellery it is often alloyed with small quantities of copper.

♥ Humans have been aware of the existence of silver for thousand of years and it has long been prized as a precious metal.

♥ A number of cultures have traditonal beliefs and myths about this metal.

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A/BARENESS is a Slow Fashion brand based in Nepal & Norway. We make wearable, timeless and seasonless clothes & accessories and focus on ethical & sustainable production. 1% from each product we sell, goes to our Give Back project, where we provide clean drinking water for children at schools in Nepal.

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