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W are committed to assisting Nepal in a sustainable way,  that's why we founded our Give-Back Project at the same time as we founded A/BARENESS back in 2013.


Our main focus is to provide clean drinking water for children. So far the funds we have raised through sales and donations, has resulted in installation of rainwater harvesting & filtration systems at 9 schools in the Kathmandu valley, providing clean drinking water to approx 4000 children. YAY!!! :D 

The schools also save a significant amount of money now that they don't have to buy drinking water so they can spend the money on f.ex schoolbooks and teacher salaries instead.

To make this happen we collaborate with a local Nepali company called SmartPaani ( Paani means water in Nepali), to install the systems. 

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. Around 25% of Nepalis live below the national poverty line, which means that they earn less than 53 rupees a day. That is about 3.50 Norwegian kroners or 0.50 Euro.

In Nepal water shortage and having to buy drinking water is part of everyday life. Since we have been living there for several years, we have experienced it first hand. The tap water is not suitable to drink and few are lucky enough to have running water in their house. Often there is no electricity to pump the water from the tank or the tank is empty. Bucket showers have become a common activity. 


The drinking stations at the #CoolKidsNeedCleanWater schools Kathmandu has been decorated with graffiti art done by Nepali artist Aditya Aryal aka SadhuX, to attract attention to the importance of rainwater harvesting & clean drinking water //  We believe streetart is a great way to communicate and create awareness about important causes, in a visual and playful way. In addition, the message reaches out to many people, as it´s often visible in public places.





A/BARENESS was founded by Anne-Marthe Fossum (left) & Karoline Hestnes, but is today owned and runned by the latter.

This pic is from the P(art)Y for Nepal at Kulturhuset in Oslo back in 2015, with Nepali artist Adithya aka @Saadhux.



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A/BARENESS is a Slow Fashion brand based in Nepal & Norway. We make wearable, timeless and seasonless clothes & accessories and focus on ethical & sustainable production. 1% from each product we sell, goes to our Give Back project, where we provide clean drinking water for children at schools in Nepal.

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